• Loans are available to anyone who is a current resident of Kingston & surrounding area, in a 50 km radius from the M.I.L.L. (please call ahead if you are unsure if your area qualifies.)
  • You will need the following three items in order to register:
  • Photo ID showing date of birth
  • Recent Document showing current residential address, such as a letter or an electronic bill from the past month (you can even mail yourself a postcard).
  • A registration recovery of $15 which helps offset increasing operating costs. The library can currently only accept cash. There are, as always, no charges or fees to borrow an instrument.


Due to increases in operating costs and inventory maintenance, these changes will be made, effective January 1st, 2017:

– library card registration will be $15.00 per borrower and will be processed annually
– late return fines will be $2.00/day to a maximum of $60.00

Thank you for your support and cooperation in helping us put instruments into the hands of the community.


Please note that as of January 1st, 2016 borrowers with cards with a number less than 14000 will be required to re-register before any new loans can be made. As well, any card with a number from 14000 and higher will be required to re-register if the expiry date is more than 1 years past. Re-registration will be under the same terms as a new borrower, and only may be completed if your account is in good standing with no overdue loans or fines outstanding. You will be asked to bring the same three items as listed above.


  • Cards will be issued upon registration (see REGISTRATION on this website), and will be valid for a period of one (1) years from the date of issue. When renewal is required (cards older than 14000, and also if the expiry date is over 1 years), borrowers must re-register meeting all requirements as outlined in the REGISTRATION section of this website.
  • Borrowers are expected to show their card each time they borrow (see “LOST CARDS” policy below). *Please note that as of January 2016, cards with a number less than 14000 are invalid. Re-registration will be required, as outlined on this website under CARD UPDATE NOTICE.
  • LOST CARDS: If a card has been lost, the borrower will be required to re-register prior to borrowing, and must meet all the requirements of initial registration as outlined above.


  • Instruments loans are issued on a 4-week basis (drum kits are for 3 or 6 months and some larger items up to 6 months) to borrowers in good standing, and must be returned to the library for examination & loan renewal, if required, at the end of this period. A reminder slip showing return due date will be issued at time of borrowing. Hang on to this, as it is your receipt and proof of borrowing in case of any dispute.
  • Loan extensions may be allowed, but only if the item(s) are physically returned to the library, and only if not reserved for another borrower, or are for a school program or documented lessons (form to be completed by instructor).  
  • A $2.00 per day fine (max $60) will be applied to late returns. Cash only, please (there is an ATM in the Tett Centre Lobby). Borrowers will not be able to take out a further loan until all outstanding fees are settled. If you know in advance that you will be late or will have transportation issues with your borrowed items, contact us immediately so that we might make arrangements.
  • Certain ‘special’ instruments are only available for loan to more experienced musicians who are borrowers in good standing, i.e. those who have previously borrowed from the general M.I.L.L. inventory, returned borrowed items on time & in good condition, and have no outstanding fines or overdue items.
  • RESERVATIONS: A reservation may be made at any time for a specific instrument, or in general (i.e. for any “acoustic guitar”). A reserved instrument will be held for one full week from notification of availability.  If unclaimed, the reservation will be cancelled, and the instrument will be made available to the next person on the reservation list.
  • LOST/DAMAGED INSTRUMENTS: If an instrument is damaged or stolen while on loan, please contact the library immediately so that we can assess the situation. While you are responsible for any damage or loss, the majority of issues can usually be easily remedied at the library, and often do not result in a cost to the borrower unless the damage was deemed  intentional or due to negligence by the borrower.
  • DRUM KITS: For those wishing to take out a drum kit (3 or 6 month loan), you are required to call ahead to schedule both a time to take out the kit and – prior to returning the kit – to call ahead to schedule the return time.


  • We accept donations of instruments or instrument related equipment at any time during our hours. Please note that we can only accept donations that are portable and in working condition. For multiple or large donations, please call or email beforehand.