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Coming back to you in October 2023!
Raise money while you play!

The Play-athon is for players of all ages and abilities.

Support Joe's M.I.L.L. by gathering sponsors and playing an instrument through the month of October.


Establish regular playing habits while supporting our efforts to increase access to musical instruments for everyone in the Greater Kingston area.

Participants can win great prizes!

How it works:


Step 1: Register and set your goal

Start by registering your participation.
Go to the
Registration Form

Then set a goal to play regularly throughout October.


Playing every day will improve your skills greatly.

Playing at roughly the same time every day will make it easier to establish and maintain a practice routine.

Download the Playing Log Sheet (PDF 100 KB)

Step 2: Ask for sponsors

These can be anyone (and everyone!): aunt in Guelph, brother in Seoul, friend next door.

Let your sponsors know what your goal is so that they know roughly how much money they’ll be obliged to give you at the end of the Play-athon.


Sponsors can commit to a $ amount per hour played or pledge a specific flat $ amount.

Download the Sponsor Pledge Sheet (PDF 150 KB)

Step 3: Get playing

Record your playing time on your playing log.

If you are under 16, have a guardian initial each entry.

Time you spend in rehearsal with musical groups can count toward your goal.

Step 4: Add it up

At the end of the October:


Tally your playing time.

Collect the pledges from your sponsors.

Step 5: Submit

By November 10th at midnight, you or your guardian can:

Submit the $ you've collected through the Donation page.
Be sure to note that your donation is for the Play-athon.

Email pictures of your Playing Log and Sponsor Sheets to



​​Read all the official Contest Rules(PDF 70 KB)

Joe’s M.I.L.L. will contact prize winners in mid-November.


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