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Play-athon Prizes

October 2022 Contest

Learn about the Play-athon...

Group 1 Prizes

The 10 participants who logged the most playing time and the top 10 fundraisers (20 participants in total)* will be entered once into a draw for Group 1 prizes.


2 private guitar lessons for two with Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip (1 prize)**

1 set of drums from Joe’s M.I.L.L.

1 electric guitar and amplifier from Joe’s M.I.L.L.

4 private lessons for one from guitarist Alexandre Voinot, in French or English (one prize)**

4 private lessons for one from pianist and composer Deborah Schuurmans (one prize)**

4 private lessons at Long & McQuade, Kingston, for 1 instrument (dependent on lesson availability) (one prize)**

Original sculpture of Gord Downey, created by Barb Simard

Group 2 Prizes

All participants, excluding Group 1 prize winners, will be entered once into a draw for Group 2 prizes.

1 of 4 ukuleles from Arden’s Music

1 acoustic guitar from Joe’s M.I.L.L.

1 portable keyboard from Joe’s M.I.L.L.

1 gift card from Novel Idea

1 of 50 CDs from Brian’s Record Option

10 one-year Joe’s M.I.L.L. memberships

2 tickets to see The Good Lovelies at The Spire on December 8, 2022

2 tickets to see Milk & Bone at The Broom Factory on February 10, 2023


Participants in Group 1 who do not win Group 1 prizes will be entered into the draw for Group 2 prizes.

* If a participant qualifies as both a top 10 fundraiser and in terms of number of hours played, their name will only be entered once in the draw.

** Music lessons are not transferable outside of families and have no monetary value.

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