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Introducing a new name and look for Joe’s M.I.L.L.!

For a quarter of a century Joe’s M.I.L.L. has provided musical

instruments from its library to support and encourage Kingston

area musicians.


Officially we are, and will continue to be The Joe Chithalen

Memorial Musical Instrument Library. We are the founders of the

MILL concept. But we are more than just a music instrument

lending library.


Joe’s MILL is evolving and expanding our focus to allow us to better fulfill our mission of putting musical instruments in the hands of everyone who wants and could benefit from them - to improve outcomes in education, and the health of our community through music.


We’re a financially stable and environmentally responsible

community partner – positioned and ready to grow.


We’ve added “music” in the name instead of just the “M” in

M.I.L.L. This communicates our key objective to everyone,

including those who would not know what “Joe’s M.I.L.L. stood for

without further explanation.


The graphic style is fun, simple, and inviting to all. Joe’s name is

clear and sits atop the descriptor ‘Music Mill". The graphic

includes the head of Joe's instrument, the bass.


The meaning of “Mill” is twofold:

It started as the acronym for Musical Instrument Lending Library

and still echoes our official name. But now it conveys a place of

activity and output: music works, or, a ... music mill.


Along with a new name and logo, we’re pleased to unveil this new

Website. Check out new features including an online database of

instruments and reservations, and greater connections with the

Kingston music community are part of the functions will help to

improve delivery of our services.



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Thanks to Our Supporters

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