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Profile: Library Coordinator Tim Aylesworth

Updated: Apr 6

On your average day, the M.I.L.L. is filled with familiar sights and sounds: patrons inspecting instruments and tech, guitars being strummed and tuned, and visitors discussing music and performance with members of the staff. It's in that commotion that you'll often find our esteemed Library Coordinator Tim Aylesworth, organizing the incoming and outgoing instruments and keeping the ship sailing smoothly.

Today Tim is a staple of the M.I.L.L., but his history with the library starts before we moved into our home at the TETT Centre. Freshly retired from a career of 32 years, Tim was looking

for an opportunity to join a cause he believed in. A lifelong musician himself, Tim was well acquainted with the M.I.L.L. before he joined; he had even borrowed a drum kit for his son years before from us, and it wasn’t long before he found himself helping out at the old location and repairing guitars. Tim's imagination and desire to contribute to the community made him a natural fit for the M.I.L.L., and when an opportunity for a librarian popped up, he rose to the occasion

Since then he's been involved with everything from daily operations to bookkeeping to social media, and for every task he takes on, he brings along his creativity and good humor.

When he isn’t managing the day-to-day tasks at the library, you might find Tim engaging customers in a conversation about an interesting new instrument that’s come through. Off the clock, Tim stays just as busy with his own projects. He writes and produces music both for himself and for other bands and musicians, and even drops the occasional video from time to time, like “Rocketship Ride,” the culmination of greenscreen experimentation and a fresh track, all independently produced.

Next time you drop by, say hello to Tim! You’ll be glad you did.

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